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Water Ram Provides Miracle Cure to Church Plagued By Clogged Drains

LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT tool from General Pipe Cleaners safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged lines.

clogged church kitchen sink prompted a routine call for drain cleaning help.

But New York City plumbing pro Sylvan Tieger discovered more serious trouble – total stoppage in a 4-inch stack.

“The 4-inch soil line was blocked below the church’s kitchen sink on the main floor,” he says. “So the sink was receiving discharges from five floors above.”

That allowed waste to fill the sink every time a fixture above was used. “It looked like a soft stoppage, and a cable machine probably wouldn’t have worked,” Tieger says. “That’s when I decided to test the power of my Kinetic Water Ram.”

Powerful tool clears tough FOG clogs
The lightweight, compact Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks and showers, toilets and tubs with kinetic energy.

Kinetic Water Ram unleashes a powerful burst of compressed air that drives a clog-busting shock wave through water at 4,700 feet per second. It effectively clears hair, rust, grease, sediment and scale from small lines.

“This was a bad blockage,” Tieger recalls. “And it frankly took me a couple dozen times before I finally heard the ‘whoosh’ that – believe it or not – cleared the entire 4-inch stack stoppage.”

Results like that made him a believer. “This one job paid more than the tool cost me,” he says.

Versatile and easy to use
General’s pioneering product is especially effective clearing slow-draining tubs when the stoppage is on the far side of a drum trap – or through narrow lines in trailer homes that can be hard on a snake.

“I use it for all my tub stoppages. Plus on all sorts of sinks, basins, and floor and roof drains.”

The compact, hand-held tool is easy to transport and use. It weighs just 4½ kilograms.

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