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Murray Irrigation Commissions Modernisation Project

MURRAY IRRIGATION received $162 million from the Australian Government to commission a modernisation program that will transition the irrigation system from manual to predominantly automatic.
The not-for-profit company’s Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP) spans its entire footprint and involves the upgrade of more than 3,400 structures comprising 2,100 outlets and 1,300 regulators.

Precision Lubrication for Oil Lubricated Process Pumps

Use a sealed transfer container and quick connects to protect the oil during transfer. (Photo: Des-Case)
WHILE PERFORMING unnecessary oil changes is a waste of time and resources, never changing the oil is far worse.
Process pumps are often neglected when it comes to precision lubrication. Many maintenance and reliability professionals focus efforts on larger, more expensive machines, but these smaller components can be critical to process reliability, and the cost of repairs can add up.

Work Starts on $15 million Queensland Wastewater Treatment Plant

WORK HAS BEGUN on a new $15 million wastewater treatment plant in Cherbourg, Queensland, which includes new pump station infrastructure and irrigation system for one of Queensland’s largest indigenous communities.
Stage one of the wastewater infrastructure project began with earthworks for a series of ponds on a site away from the township entrance and homes.

How Efficient Is Your Pump System?

IN A HYPOTHETICAL world, if the Department of Energy (DOE) showed up at your plant to conduct an energy audit of the pump systems, what grade would you receive?
Do you get an A … or an F? Plant owners and managers are faced with balancing scores of urgent priorities every day—stock holders on one side demanding the plant run continuously to keep the profits high, and engineering (reliability) and maintenance on the opposite side screaming, “we need to shut down to fix the plant.”

Nanobubbles Generation Using a Centrifugal Multiphase Pump

A RESEARCH paper ‘Nanobubbles: Generation using a multiphase pump, properties and features in flotation’ has been published in Elsevier journal Minerals Engineering.
The importance of nanobubbles is now widely known, particularly their applications and potential in mineral processing.

Telstar and Siltbuster Partner on Grand Paris Express Rail Wastewater Scheme

FRENCH PUMP rental company Telstar and Siltbuster, a UK provider of water treatment solutions for the construction industry, are partnering to treat wastewater generated on the €23 billion Grand Paris Express (GPE) rail expansion scheme.
The GPE subway project includes the construction of 68 stations and over 120 miles of new track to improve the public transport network across the city.

Advanced Overload Relays Protect Health of Irrigation Pumps

THE RELATIONSHIP between irrigation systems and sustainability can be overlooked when users are focused on achieving stronger crop yields and keeping their systems up and running.
A recent guide from the Louisiana State University (LSU) Agricultural Center (AgCenter) opens with a brief exploration of the connections among irrigation maintenance and energy efficiency.

The Process Industries: The Next 30 Years

The scalability of digitalisation allows processors to gather valuable data and analytics from even mechanical equipment such as motors. Data is the new currency.
IN THIS ARTICLE we look forward to what the future holds for the process industries through the eyes of those working on the technology we’ll see introduced in the coming decades.
Now and in the future, process automation and digitalisation will continue to revolutionize our industrial processes. Insights from industry leaders give us a glimpse of what’s in store for the process industries of the future.

Xylem to Showcase a Range of Water Solutions at WEFTEC 2017

Xylem will unveil a series of smart dewatering pumps under its Godwin brand.
XYLEM ADDRESSED the challenge of ‘urban resilience’ by showcasing its portfolio of water technologies at WEFTEC at McCormick Place, Chicago from October 2-4.
Xylem’s range of water technologies can help communities to tackle critical water challenges across the water cycle and support sustainable water management.

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