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Grundfos Expert: The Retrofit Market is Maturing in the UAE

Grundfos Gulf Distribution’s Tolga Candan says new initiatives can help FMs and organisations to understand energy efficiency better

Despite the Middle East becoming ever more aware about energy saving, many organisations are still reluctant to utilise retrofitting and make changes to the existing buildings to decrease their carbon footprint.

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Xylem’s New Adaptable Wastewater Mixer Delivers Next-Level Mixing Efficiency

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New Adaptable Wastewater Mixer Delivers

LEADING GLOBAL water technology company, Xylem Inc. has launched a compact submersible wastewater mixer featuring easily adaptable output capabilities and delivering energy savings of approximately 50 percent.
Xylem’s new Flygt 4220 mixer enhances the resilience and sustainability of wastewater treatment plants, enabling operators to easily manage changing mixing conditions by simply adjusting the mixer output. As the Flygt 4220 can be controlled to deliver only the output required, a plant’s energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals Replace Gland Packing

Pump Changed From Gland Packing To Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Pump Changed From Gland Packing To Cartridge Mechanical Seal

MORE PICS of another Gold Coast City Council pump converted to cartridge mechanical seals.

Gland Packing vs Cartridge Mechanical Seal

An end face cartridge mechanical seal, also referred to as a mechanical face seal but typically simply as a mechanical seal, is a kind of seal made use of in rotating devices, such as pumps, mixers, blowers, and compressors. Earlier pump designs made use of mechanical packing (otherwise understood as Gland Packing) to seal the shaft.

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Conversion to Cartridge Mechanical Seal


Pump Before Cartridge Mechanical Seal Installed

GOLD COAST City Council chose Anthony Butler of Select Seals to convert all their pumps from using gland packing to now run using cartridge mechanical seals.

This Warman Pump has now been running more efficiently and reliably for 4 years.

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Cartridge Seal Successfully Repaired by Select Seals

Before Been Repaired

SELECT SEALS’ cartridge seal repair facility is one-of-a kind. We have made a commitment to repair all mechanical cartridge seal styles, regardless of manufacturer.

We repair to like-new condition. If the cartridge seal is not repairable, we will quote a new cartridge seal as a replacement or offer a range of exchange programs to suit the customer’s needs.

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