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Hydro Feasibility Study in Tasmania Receives Funding

TWO FEASIBILITY studies into expanding two hydro-electric power stations in Tasmania, and exploring the potential to develop significant pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) have received $2.5 million in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

The studies will look into the feasibility and locations for pumped hydro energy storage, the redevelopment of the power scheme at Tarraleah, and potential of expanding the output of the Gordon Power Station.

Thirty potential locations for pumped hydro have been identified by Hydro Tasmania, and they will be working to narrow this selection down further.

Liberal Member for Lyons, Guy Barnett, said, “This will help Tasmania work towards doubling our current clean energy capacity, and will put us in a strong position to supply reliable, affordable and renewable energy to the nation.”

When it’s fully realised, pumped hydro could generate up to 2,500 megawatts (MW) of electricity, which would double Tasmania’s current hydro capacity and provide flexible, dispatchable energy when it’s needed by customers.

It could also create up to $5 billion of infrastructure investment, and up to 3,000 jobs across a 10 to 15 year construction period.

CEO of Hydro Tasmania, Steve Davy, said, “It will lock in full energy security for Tasmania, help give Tasmanians some of the nation’s cheapest power prices, and give us plenty of spare energy to support mainland Australia.

“At a time when Australia badly needs flexible and storable energy to replace the coal power it’s phasing out, the Battery of the Nation offers a future that’s clean, reliable and affordable.”

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