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Automated waste collection at the heart of Maroochydore’s new CBD

Automated vacuum waste collection system to collect and transport waste.

A 53 HECTARE greenfield site in Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is being transformed into a Central Business District for the 21st century, with smart technology being employed to create a clean, green, dynamic city. In an Australian first, the development will include a high-tech, automated vacuum waste collection system to collect and transport waste.

Replacing traditional wheelie bins, the system will transport waste from commercial buildings and apartments at up to 70kmh through a 6.5km system of underground vacuum pipes located beneath the city centre to a central waste collection station. The system will collect three waste streams including general, organic and recyclable waste.

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Avoid Pump Lubrication Maintenance Mistakes

Where feasible, grease is a preferred bearing lubricant, because grease is easy to apply, can be retained within a bearing’s housing and improves sealing against contaminants. Photo: SKF.

PUMP LUBRICATION problems cause wear and damage, create friction and heat, and can lead to costly repairs.

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