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Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month

A Valley center pivot irrigates corn with VRI technology. The application depth is adjusted
by changing the sprinkler control valve pulse rate for individual sectors of a field.

JULY IS Smart Irrigation Month! This initiative from the Irrigation Association is used to promote the social, economic, and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies in landscape, turf, and agricultural irrigation. Optimizing water resources is an extremely important part of irrigation.

At Valley® Irrigation, there are several options for maximizing yields while saving money and water. Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) is a customizable water application that will apply water based on topography information, soil data maps, yield data, and other user-defined information. This applies water only where needed in the field, maximizing your water application efficiency.

We at are celebrating Smart Irrigation Month by offering you free information on how you can practice efficient agricultural irrigation management. Our online library of courses – created by leaders in the farm irrigation industry – can help you make the best irrigation decisions for your operation. Available anytime, anywhere, shares best practices and product advice for almost every application.

So what can you do to celebrate Smart Irrigation Month? Conservation is a big part of saving water, which is what Smart Irrigation Month is all about. Click here to learn five things you can do every day in your home to save water.

You can also test your knowledge on irrigation and find out if you are an irrigation expert by taking the quiz below!

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