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How Low-Cost IoT Technology Manages a Pump System’s Health & Efficiency

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THE HEARTBEAT of U.S. water and wastewater infrastructure is the millions of pump systems that move water through networks of underground pipes to the points of use. Pumps are the critical operational equipment in this delivery, and their health and efficiency are important to all utility personnel including management, operations and maintenance. Limited resources and a lack of technological solutions have hindered the ability of many utilities to manage pump systems.

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Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month

A Valley center pivot irrigates corn with VRI technology. The application depth is adjusted
by changing the sprinkler control valve pulse rate for individual sectors of a field.

JULY IS Smart Irrigation Month! This initiative from the Irrigation Association is used to promote the social, economic, and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies in landscape, turf, and agricultural irrigation. Optimizing water resources is an extremely important part of irrigation.

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Conserve Water and Save The Future.

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CALIFORNIA CAN now breathe a sigh of relief after Governor Jerry Brown declared an end to the historical drought that devastated the Golden State for the past 5 years.

Prior to this, Brown issued a state wide mandate on property owners to cut water by 25-percent, resulting in much needed awareness on the importance of water conservation.

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An example of a magnetic drive pump. Courtesy of Amin Almasi

PUMPS ARE usually categorized in two major groups: conventional-sealed pumps and seal-less pumps. The first group contains pumps that need a seal system, usually in the form of a mechanical seal. The second group includes all types and models of seal-less pumps; these pumps do not require a seal.

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Ensure Pump Startup Runs Smoothly by Avoiding Common Mistakes.

PC pump cross-section

WHEN DISCUSSING projects with engineers at shows and exhibitions, the same questions and conversations about commissioning a new progressive cavity (PC) pump seem to arise time and time again. PC pumps are commonly designed with features to make maintenance and installation user friendly.

When commissioning a new pump, users may wonder what they should expect when using a PC pump for the first time. Before initially using the pump, remember the 10 things in this article to avoid many first-time mistakes.

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How to Track Irrigation Run Time

Irrigation Run Time mobile

ARE YOU looking for a way to keep track of the pivots on your farm? The Valley® Irrigation Run Time™ mobile application is a free, new resource that calculates pivot cycles and helps you track run time. With the full mobility of a smartphone or tablet, you can add notes on each machine for access any time, anywhere, no matter what brand of pivot you use

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Post-Season Checklist Helps Growers Tackle Needed Maintenance and Repairs

BEFORE SHUTTING down your irrigation system for the winter, experts suggest conducting a quick inspection – performing routine maintenance and making a plan for any necessary repairs.

“A thorough inspection can help identify potential problems that could result in costly delays or breakdowns next year,” said Evan Carlson, field engineer at Lindsay Corporation.

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System Approach & Modeling Lead to a Reduced Impeller Diameter

Figure 1: Process system with one pump operating

EVERY ELEMENT found in a piping system falls into one of three categories: pump, process and control. The secret to understanding any piping system is to have detailed knowledge of the various pieces of equipment and how they work together.

For example, if a pump is not sized properly to meet the system’s process requirements, all the equipment within the system will be affected.

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Mechanical Seals for:

  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Mixers & Agitators 
  • Compressors
  • Autoclaves
  • Pulpers