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Grundfos Expert: The Retrofit Market is Maturing in the UAE

Grundfos Gulf Distribution’s Tolga Candan says new initiatives can help FMs and organisations to understand energy efficiency better

Despite the Middle East becoming ever more aware about energy saving, many organisations are still reluctant to utilise retrofitting and make changes to the existing buildings to decrease their carbon footprint.

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Xylem’s New Adaptable Wastewater Mixer Delivers Next-Level Mixing Efficiency

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New Adaptable Wastewater Mixer Delivers

LEADING GLOBAL water technology company, Xylem Inc. has launched a compact submersible wastewater mixer featuring easily adaptable output capabilities and delivering energy savings of approximately 50 percent.
Xylem’s new Flygt 4220 mixer enhances the resilience and sustainability of wastewater treatment plants, enabling operators to easily manage changing mixing conditions by simply adjusting the mixer output. As the Flygt 4220 can be controlled to deliver only the output required, a plant’s energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

How Low-Cost IoT Technology Manages a Pump System’s Health & Efficiency

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THE HEARTBEAT of U.S. water and wastewater infrastructure is the millions of pump systems that move water through networks of underground pipes to the points of use. Pumps are the critical operational equipment in this delivery, and their health and efficiency are important to all utility personnel including management, operations and maintenance. Limited resources and a lack of technological solutions have hindered the ability of many utilities to manage pump systems.

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A Turbomachinery Laboratory invention is getting a new twist

THE POCKET damper seal was created at the Turbo Lab as an alternative to the labyrinth seal. The Turbomachinery Research Consortium (TRC), an organization of turbomachinery manufacturers and end users supporting research projects at the Turbo Lab, funded the testing of the original pocket damper seal as well as improvements made over time.

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Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month

A Valley center pivot irrigates corn with VRI technology. The application depth is adjusted
by changing the sprinkler control valve pulse rate for individual sectors of a field.

JULY IS Smart Irrigation Month! This initiative from the Irrigation Association is used to promote the social, economic, and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies in landscape, turf, and agricultural irrigation. Optimizing water resources is an extremely important part of irrigation.

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Conserve Water and Save The Future.

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CALIFORNIA CAN now breathe a sigh of relief after Governor Jerry Brown declared an end to the historical drought that devastated the Golden State for the past 5 years.

Prior to this, Brown issued a state wide mandate on property owners to cut water by 25-percent, resulting in much needed awareness on the importance of water conservation.

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